Turn Greek Yoghurt Into A Visible Lamp Dessert

Yoghurt isn't simply for breakfast! If a mutual depression temperature together with sweetness bowl of H2O ice cream is what you lot crave, swap it out for a creamy bowl of non-fat Greek yoghurt topped amongst these delicious flavor combinations. Grab a spoon together with dig into these desserts that are depression inward fatty together with all less than 250 calories.

Bananas With Chopped Peanuts together with Raisins
Total calories: 195

Cherries With Dark Chocolate together with Almonds
Total calories: 228

Blueberries together with Peaches With Granola
Total calories: 176

Apples With Chopped Dates, Walnuts, together with Cinnamon
Total calories: 175

Strawberries With O's together with Cashews
Total calories: 219


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