How To Stock A Slimming Kitchen

Have half dozen go-to foods

Peek into Bethenny Frankel’s kitchen, too you’ll ever discovery half dozen skinny staples that tin endure turned into quickie combos: bagged salad, tomatoes, turkey bacon, whole-wheat pasta, organic Lycopersicon esculentum sauce, too veggie burgers.

Befriend the freezer

There’s no quicker fresh repast than stir-fry, Marissa Lippert, RD, says—as long equally you lot stock thin poly peptide (like chicken pectus strips, shrimp, tofu, too thin flank steak) inwards the freezer. Just permit it defrost inwards the refrigerator piece you’re at work, too hence toss inwards about fresh or frozen veggies when you lot larn home.

And when you lot tin discovery a niggling extra fourth dimension on the weekend, brand a huge batch of solid seat down turkey meatballs or veggie chili too freeze inwards individually portioned containers.

Cook one, swallow twice

Got leftovers? You’re halfway to a fresh, fast dinner, Bethenny says: "I improvise all the time." Put turkey on exceed of a salad, chop upward boiled eggs to brand egg salad—lower the fatty past times leaving out the yolks, using merely 1 teaspoon of mayo, too pumping upward the season amongst capers—or purpose yesterday’s broccoli inwards a lite frittata.


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